focus on local

local: more than a buzzword

The Pacific Northwest is a veritable oasis for coffee lovers and foodies. The rainy days lend themselves to hours whiled away in a coffee shop with a warm mug of fresh-brewed coffee, while all that rain and rich volcanic topsoil contribute to a bountiful array of farm fresh produce available just about any time of year.

At EDGE Coffee, we are all about our local connections. As a local, independent, family-owned business, we try our best to look close to home when sourcing our coffee, pastries, milk, milk alternatives, and so on. Here's a bit about some of the companies we partner with to bring you the best of the Pacific Northwest coffee experience.


Seattle, Washington

"Molly's provides the essentials of healthy, real food that will satiate you in a way that only "grown to eat food" can. We are almost entirely organic. Delicious ingredients can only come from building great relationships; from our customers to the local farmer, personal connections are a must at Molly's."


Portland, Oregon

"Inspired by (Paul) "Newman's Own" retail line, we wanted to combine the best product of the island with the best cause. We asked many island visitors what they liked best and discovered that most people came here for the fabulous island berries, pumpkins and beaches. But because we can't bottle the beach, we went with the berries. And due to our Oregon climate, you won’t find anyone on Sauvie Island growing coffee beans.

We are a community minded, family company, living and working on our farm on scenic Sauvie Island, OR. Our family’s farm has raised goats, miniature donkeys, horses and dogs. "


townshend's tea & Brew Dr. Kombucha

Portland, Oregon 

"We work very closely with many different tea importers that specialize in different regions of the world. This allows us to be discerning in our selection, and to evolve with the ever-changing market. Our close relationship to our suppliers also gives us the confidence that our tea is grown and processed under acceptable conditions. We blend many of our teas ourselves here in Portland. 

Brew Dr. Kombucha has been craft brewed in Portland, Oregon since early 2009. Each flavor is 100% raw and made from a natural fermentation of Townshend's high-quality organic teas, organic medicinal herbs, and organic sugar. We are committed to making the best possible raw kombucha available and will not compromise this promise by using lesser teas or ingredients. "


Portland, Oregon

"Marsee Foods is a family owned, wholesale bakery that has a passion for providing our customers with the finest handcrafted, European cakes, pastries, and artisan breads.  We have taken pride in supplying the Pacific Northwest with the same consistent, high quality product since 1993."


Portland, Oregon

"At Sunshine, local flavor reigns. We, and the products we craft are tied to where we live:
a place defined by rich surroundings, memorable people and an independent spirit. Where excellence
leads the way and fresh thinking comes with the territory. Where good tastes thrive, thanks to a happy mix of conditions, climate and commitment to quality. It’s in this remarkable setting that Sunshine is able to
create our signature products – with local flavor that delights the tongue and speaks to the heart."


Portland, Oregon

"When we opened our doors 25 years ago, Pacific set out to make healthier, better tasting foods without losing sight of the people we’re making them for, or this planet we all call home. A lofty goal? Maybe, but we’ve never been big on shortcuts. Since then, we’ve begun tracking all our ingredients to the source. We’ve made it our mission to treat animals kindly and people respectfully. And we’ve seen that no one around us goes hungry. All the while lessening the footprint we leave behind. We believe there’s a right way of doing things, and it’s seldom the easiest way. We can’t change the world overnight. But every day, even the smallest changes are making a world of difference."


Portland, Oregon

"In 1991 our founder headed for the Himalayas in search of something to fill her cup, metaphorically speaking. While she was there, her cup was filled—we’re talking literally this time—with a rich, creamy, spiced tea. With chai. She came home and dedicated three years to perfecting her Western interpretation of this delectable drink and dubbed it Oregon Chai. Today we remain true to our founder’s Oregonian roots and heritage of introducing authentic chai to America."


McMinnville, Oregon

"I chose "Just Great Stuff... and Plenty of it!" as our motto because it truly reflects the dedication that we have to the quality of our products. I always use the best, healthiest, cutting edge ingredients because I believe that they taste better and make you feel better. Every day at Betty Lou's we challenge the notion that healthy, all-natural, gluten-free products have to compromise on taste. We've proven that the opposite can be true! Our delicious products have been made that way from the beginning and it's what we do best!"